Family Community Resource Center(FCRC)-Presented by Jennifer Bittle of FCRC March 10, 2015

This month Jennifer Bittle presented on the Family Community Resource Center (FCRC). This program was established in 2004 and provides advocacy for families who are involved with DCFS. They do this by informing clients of their rights, offer support, resources, and help to collaborate with service providers like Children’s Home & Aid and others. They are able to work with intact and non-intact families. Families are often referred by DCFS, public defenders, and community agencies. All services are funded through DCFS.

Taken from their website (2011), “The Family Community Resource Center strives to preserve the structural and operational integrity of families. As a link between support networks and troubled families, FCRC offers a number of services and educational opportunities to help promote and maintain a safe home environment for children… All programs and services are free of charge.”

They are able to:

  • Work with the legal system to ensure that proper assessments are completed and aspects of domestic violence are reexamined
  • Attend meetings and court hearings and serve as a liaison between the family and IDCFS.
  • Complete home visits that help with teachable moments with parenting
  • Assist families and clients to think outside of the box
  • Help parents seek the root of problems
  • Provide wrap around services to help establish positive support systems.
  • As many parents don’t trust DCFS/caseworkers, FCRC is able to help parents understand why children were taken into care
  • Help parents process grief, loss, and acceptance of the situation
  • Provides community outreach to help educate the community and conducts sensitivity training to partnering agencies and community partners

To learn more about the Family Community Resource Center and how they can help, please visit their webpage. To see all of the programs that they off please visit their programs and services page.

To contact the Family Community Resource Center you can reach them by phone at (309)821-1616. The office is located at 509 W. Washington St. Bloomington, IL.

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